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Apple Removals packing boxes

Apple Removals takes great pride in the fact that most of our business comes from satisfied repeat customers. We believe that every customer's furniture should be treated the same as we would treat our very own belongings.

C.A.R.E. "Customers Are Really Everything!" Our staff are trained and reminded to understand that  'CARE'  is the most important thing when we are handling and packing your furniture.


Moving day planning

Four steps for a smooth house move:

• Organise your belongings 6 to 8 weeks in advance. This is the time to sort through your storage spaces and throw out or donate any items that you no longer need. The rest of your belongings should be packed into boxes and clearly labelled for transportation by the relocationists.

• Gather packing supplies 6 weeks in advance. In order to move house with the least amount of hassle, start purchasing and gathering packing supplies far in advance.

There's nothing worse than running out of boxes on the day of a move.

• Book travel arrangements 6 weeks in advance. If you're moving home across country, then you may need to book temporary accommodation, flight and possibly even car rental as early as possible.

If at all possible, keep your travel arrangements flexible to account for any delays or cancellations.

• Change your address 2-4 weeks in advance. In the month leading up to your big move, it is the perfect time to inform your change of address to organisations such as credit card companies, utility companies, insurance companies, banks and especially to friends and family.

It is also advisable to apply for a mail redirection with Australian Post to ensure that your mail moves with you.



Apple Removals

Apple Removals and Storage ...

• Family owned and operated furniture removalists.

• Operating in the Wide Bay region for the last 8 years.

• We have current model trucks.

• Our trucks are fully insured – including transit insurance.

• We treat every customer with courtesy and respect.

• Apple Removals does not "subby out".

• You can be sure we are in control of your move.

NOTE: You should, of course, always notify and check with your own contents insurance company whenever you are moving house.


Inside an Apple Removals truck

Apple Removals does local moves usually at an hourly rate. We will provide free estimates of the cost that your move will take. We always advise local move customers to only accept local moves from ANY removalist on an hourly rate.

This is because all removalists will quote on the high side for these fixed price jobs. What often happens is that the people doing the job will tend to rush so that they can make more profit in less time. This obviously makes the chance of damage increase.

Our staff work at a constant careful pace. We stay safe and your belongings stay safe.

For longer distance jobs we will provide fixed price quotes. We are not young "cowboys", we drive carefully and we only travel in daylight hours. Apple Removals Maryborough will provide the level of quality service that you choose to budget.

We normally do the full move for you with our own labour to load and pack. You could also choose to have your people assist with the loading to reduce the labour and time costs.



Storage for Caravans, Boats and Campervans

Caravans, Boats and Campervans at great rates all INDOORS!

Apple Removals and Storage has our own large storage shed situated near Burrum Heads.

We have the owner on site. For longer term storage we can offer the best rates in Wide Bay.

By the way, we are flood free and actually withstood the recent tornado without building damage. (not many trees left though!!)


Packing boxes from Apple Removals

It is usually recommended to use a new, corrugated box when packing moving boxes. If you're hoping to save money on your moving budget and are packing with used boxes, make sure to test each box for durability beforehand.

The strength of a box should support the contents that it contains. An ideal box should be rigid and in good condition without rips, tears, punctures, or damage to the corners.

• Reinforce the bottom of the box with packing tape. This is especially important if the box has already been broken down and is used. This will ensure that any items in the box don't fall through the bottom in transit.

• Pack heavy items on the bottom of the box and lighter items on top.

• Fill the empty space of the box with fabric, like dishtowels or clothing, or use butcher paper or bubble wrap for support. This will ensure that items in the box don't shift during a move.

• Don't pack boxes heavier than 20 kilograms. Not only will they be difficult to lift, but an overly heavy box is more likely to tear or give out at the bottom.

• Make sure that all packing boxes for moving can close and seal properly on top. Never pack a box that can't close or that has items sticking out of the top.

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